Sound is one of the most difficult sensory perceptions to describe.  Music, especially, is appallingly unmoving set down on paper.  Music that is culturally unfamiliar or forgotten is even more so.  On this page, I plan to share recordings of several of the less-well-known pieces that I reference.  Click on the titles of the pieces to play them (they should all open in new tabs).

Sacred Music

In the 1960s, the liturgy of the Catholic Church as known by the world at large underwent, in the opinion of many, a profound change for the worse.  As a result, even practicing Catholic readers may be unfamiliar with the melodies and words of the beautiful pieces listed below, which would have been in common use in at least large Catholic parishes.  Francis, growing up in a well-established parish in Albany, would be well-versed in polyphonic religious music and as an organist would be inclined to stay on top of comparatively new pieces by Catholic composers of the day such as Schultes and Franck.

Piano Solos

One of these days I need to record my sister playing these, because that is how I picture Francis playing them, all by himself in that great echoing house.  I was disappointed to find out that Chopin’s Valse in E flat Major, B 46 was not published until 1902.  It’s one of my favorites!

Christmas Carols

Nope, these aren’t necessarily the ones you hear all the time.  Even if you may be familiar with the tunes, have you ever heard these in the original Latin?  Or French?  Or German?