The Lord Shall Not See

(Look, another story excerpt!  Mostly this is just to convince myself that I am, indeed, making progress.  For real.  Hopefully it convinces you, too.)   “And they have said:  The Lord shall not see:  neither shall the God of Jacob understand.”  – Psalm 93 March 12, 1874 – Thursday Feast of St. Gregory the Great … More The Lord Shall Not See


Ignatius P. Wodehouse’s part of the story starts looking between a horse’s ears into the morning traffic on Kearney Street one damp November morning.  As the vibrant, quick-spoken partner of a successful law firm, Ig is rarely caught off-guard and is up to date on the latest tensions and worries of California as the state … More Ig


Mitsunari Dan’s part of the story starts on the foggy deck of a sugar ship in San Francisco harbor, inward-bound from Hawaii.  He’s been at sea 22 days and doesn’t speak much English.  He doesn’t exactly have a lot of money with him, either.  Plagued by a phobia of inspections and detentions, he is all … More Mitsunari


Francis Berkeley’s part of the story starts in a train chugging across the snowswept plains of the American West, California bound.  It’s cold in the train, and he’s too numb to notice or really care.  He is on his way home from a funeral, and the home he’s going to is going to feel empty … More Francis


Hasekura Mayumi’s part of the story starts out in a garden.  Not one quite like this, but very similar.  It starts in Yedo, newly renamed To-Kyo as the Eastern Capital of Japan, in the Kojimachi samurai district sandwiched between the moat of the former Shogun’s Castle on the uphill side and the Kanda River on … More Mayumi