Me:  Aspiring Author.  Artist.  Amateur Historian.  Compulsive Costume Maker.  Photographer.  Horrible Calligrapher.  Trained Photoshopper.

This Book:  Started as a random chain of events.  A free book on the giveaway rack in college.  A movie on the seatback screen of an airplane.  Books referencing other books.  Plays.  Period films.  Old newspapers.

The Plot:  The product of a long and undirected process of stumbling upon ideas and information that slowly evolved into a relentless search through out-of-print books, digitized newspaper files, autobiographies and biographies.

Optimism:  Why do I think I will actually publish this?  The deeper I dig, the more obvious it is that I’ve gotten my pick stuck fast in a largely forgotten vein of history, a vein that deepens and broadens the farther I stray from popular portrayals of samurai, their families, and their rulers.  I like different stuff.  And God keeps dropping great plot points and research that supports them into my lap.

Scribblings:  Occasionally I write scenes from movies in novel format for writing practice and to declutter my imagination. If you feel like it, you can check them out on my other website over here.  Don’t worry, I don’t post unfinished stuff, so you won’t have to wait months for updates.