Unofficial Lunar vs. Official Calendar

(Meiji 6)

Peasants’ Planting Seasons Lunar Calendar Gregorian Dates Events
Dec. 3 Jan. 1  January:  Riots in Kyushu over religion; Buddhist rioters in Echizen carry banners saying “Namu-Amida Butsu,” an invocation to Buddha.  Troops are sent from Hikone to deal with it.
Dec. 4 Jan. 2
Dec. 5 Jan. 3
Dec. 6 Jan. 4
First Quarter: Great Snow Dec. 7 Jan. 5
Dec. 8 Jan. 6
Dec. 9 Jan. 7
Dec. 10 Jan. 8
Dec. 11 Jan. 9
Dec. 12 Jan. 10
Dec. 13 Jan. 11
Dec. 14 Jan. 12
Full Moon Dec. 15 Jan. 13
Dec. 16 Jan. 14
Dec. 17 Jan. 15
Dec. 18 Jan. 16
Dec. 19 Jan. 17
Dec. 20 Jan. 18
Dec. 21 Jan. 19
Height of Winter Dec. 22 Jan. 20
Last Quarter Dec. 23 Jan. 21
Dec. 24 Jan. 22
Dec. 25 Jan. 23
Dec. 26 Jan. 24
Dec. 27 Jan. 25
Dec. 28 Jan. 26
Dec. 29 Jan. 27
New Moon Dec. 30 Jan. 28
Jan. 1 Jan. 29  Chinese & Japanese New Year
Jan. 2 Jan. 30
Jan. 3 Jan. 31
Jan. 4 Feb. 1
Jan. 5 Feb. 2
Little Frost Jan. 6 Feb. 3
First Quarter Jan. 7 Feb. 4
Jan. 8 Feb. 5
Jan. 9 Feb. 6
Jan. 10 Feb. 7
Jan. 11 Feb. 8
Jan. 12 Feb. 9
Jan. 13 Feb. 10
Jan. 14 Feb. 11
Full Moon Jan. 15 Feb. 12
Jan. 16 Feb. 13
Jan. 17 Feb. 14
Jan. 18 Feb. 15
Jan. 19 Feb. 16
Great Frost Jan. 20 Feb. 17
Jan. 21 Feb. 18
Jan. 22 Feb. 19
Last Quarter Jan. 23 Feb. 20 The University of California opens its first medical school in San Francisco.
Jan. 24 Feb. 21
Jan. 25 Feb. 22
Jan. 26 Feb. 23
Jan. 27 Feb. 24  The Meiji Government orders the anti-Christian/Catholic signboards taken down.
Jan. 28 Feb. 25
New Moon Jan. 29 Feb. 26
Feb. 1 Feb. 27
Feb. 2 Feb. 28
Beginning of Spring Feb. 3 1-Mar  March:  E. Remington & Sons begins producing the first practical typewriter in Ilion, New York.  Already producing sewing machines and firearms.
Feb. 4 2-Mar
Feb. 5 3-Mar  The Comstock Law is passed forbidding the mailing of lewd and obscene books.  Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood is the first woman lawyer admitted to practice before the Supreme Court.
Feb. 6 4-Mar  Ulysses S. Grant begins his second term as President, with Schyuler Colfax as VP.  People either love him or don’t.  Financial scandals galore.  Talk of impeachment.  Still dealing with former Confederate leaders, including Jefferson Davis.  Grant supports radical reconstruction in the South and supports it with troops.
First Quarter Feb. 7 5-Mar
Feb. 8 6-Mar
Feb. 9 7-Mar
Feb. 10 8-Mar
Feb. 11 9-Mar
Feb. 12 10-Mar
Feb. 13 11-Mar
Feb. 14 12-Mar
Feb. 15 13-Mar
Full Moon Feb. 16 14-Mar
Feb. 17 15-Mar
Feb. 18 16-Mar
Rainwater Feb. 19 17-Mar
Feb. 20 18-Mar
Feb. 21 19-Mar
Feb. 22 20-Mar
Last Quarter Feb. 23 21-Mar
Feb. 24 22-Mar
Feb. 25 23-Mar
Feb. 26 24-Mar
Feb. 27 25-Mar
Feb. 28 26-Mar
Feb. 29 27-Mar
New Moon Mar. 1 28-Mar
Mar. 2 29-Mar
Mar. 3 30-Mar
Mar. 4 31-Mar
Awakening of Insects Mar. 5 1-Apr  The real Buffalo Bill appears in “Scouts of the Prairie” at Niblo’s Garden in NYC, until mid April.  Brief stint at the Bowery Theater.
Mar. 6 2-Apr
Mar. 7 3-Apr
First Quarter Mar. 8 4-Apr
Mar. 9 5-Apr
Mar. 10 6-Apr
Mar. 11 7-Apr
Mar. 12 8-Apr
Mar. 13 9-Apr
Mar. 14 10-Apr
Mar. 15 11-Apr
Full Moon Mar. 16 12-Apr
Mar. 17 13-Apr Easter
Mar. 18 14-Apr
Mar. 19 15-Apr
Mid-Spring Mar. 20 16-Apr
Mar. 21 17-Apr
Mar. 22 18-Apr
Mar. 23 19-Apr  11 die in a train derailment from a washed out bridge in Rhode Island.
Last Quarter Mar. 24 20-Apr
Mar. 25 21-Apr
Mar. 26 22-Apr
Mar. 27 23-Apr
Mar. 28 24-Apr
Mar. 29 25-Apr
New Moon Mar. 30 26-Apr
Apr. 1 27-Apr
Apr. 2 28-Apr
Apr. 3 29-Apr
Apr. 4 30-Apr
Clear Weather Apr. 5 1-May First US post card.  Emperor Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary opens the 5th World’s Exhibition in Vienna
Apr. 6 2-May
Apr. 7 3-May
First Quarter Apr. 8 4-May
Apr. 9 5-May  Both the Hommaru and Nishinomaru Shogunal/Imperial residences in Edo Castle (currently being used as an Imperial Residence) burn down.  The fire is believed to have started in the Empress’s quarters.  The appearance of Shimazu Saburo (still the daimyo of Satsuma) and a bunch of his retainers appear in Tokyo in full Japanese dress complete with swords.  This causes a scare until it is learned that they are on good terms with the government.
Apr. 10 6-May
Apr. 11 7-May
Apr. 12 8-May
Apr. 13 9-May
Apr. 14 10-May
Apr. 15 11-May
Full Moon Apr. 16 12-May
Apr. 17 13-May
Apr. 18 14-May
Apr. 19 15-May
Seed Rain Apr. 20 16-May
Apr. 21 17-May
Apr. 22 18-May
Last Quarter Apr. 23 19-May
Apr. 24 20-May  Levi Strauss & Co begin manufacturing pants with copper rivets in the pockets out of their San Francisco building.  The rivets idea is later patented.
Apr. 25 21-May
Apr. 26 22-May
Apr. 27 23-May
Apr. 28 24-May
Apr. 29 25-May
New Moon 1-May 26-May
2-May 27-May
3-May 28-May
4-May 29-May
Beginning of Summer 5-May 30-May
6-May 31-May
7-May 1-Jun
8-May 2-Jun  Work begun on the first cable car railroad up Clay St. hill in San Francisco – so steep horses had difficulty pulling wagons up it, resulting in several accidents.
First Quarter 9-May 3-Jun
10-May 4-Jun
11-May 5-Jun
12-May 6-Jun
13-May 7-Jun
14-May 8-Jun
15-May 9-Jun
Full Moon 16-May 10-Jun
17-May 11-Jun
18-May 12-Jun
19-May 13-Jun
Little Plenty 20-May 14-Jun
21-May 15-Jun
22-May 16-Jun  Susan B. Anthony fined $100 for voting for President.
Last Quarter 23-May 17-Jun
24-May 18-Jun
25-May 19-Jun
26-May 20-Jun
27-May 21-Jun
28-May 22-Jun
29-May 23-Jun
New Moon 30-May 24-Jun
1-Jun 25-Jun
2-Jun 26-Jun
3-Jun 27-Jun
4-Jun 28-Jun
Transplanting Rice Seedlings 5-Jun 29-Jun
6-Jun 30-Jun
7-Jun 1-Jul  Henry Ossian Flipper of Georgia is the first African American to enter West Point.
First Quarter 8-Jun 2-Jul
9-Jun 3-Jul
10-Jun 4-Jul
11-Jun 5-Jul
12-Jun 6-Jul
13-Jun 7-Jul
14-Jun 8-Jul
15-Jun 9-Jul
Full Moon 16-Jun 10-Jul
17-Jun 11-Jul
18-Jun 12-Jul
19-Jun 13-Jul
20-Jun 14-Jul
Height of Summer 21-Jun 15-Jul
Last Quarter 22-Jun 16-Jul
23-Jun 17-Jul
24-Jun 18-Jul
25-Jun 19-Jul
26-Jun 20-Jul
27-Jun 21-Jul  Jesse James & Gang pull off the first successful “Old West” train robbery in Adair, Iowa, on the Rock Island Express after derailing it (?).  Steal $3,000.
28-Jun 22-Jul
29-Jun 23-Jul
New Moon Leap 1 24-Jul
Leap 2 25-Jul
Leap 3 26-Jul
Leap 4 27-Jul
Leap 5 28-Jul
Little Heat Leap 6 29-Jul
Leap 7 30-Jul
Leap 8 31-Jul
First Quarter Leap 9 1-Aug
Leap 10 2-Aug Trial run  of first cable car in San Francisco on Clay between Kearny & Jones streets.
Leap 11 3-Aug
Leap 12 4-Aug
Leap 13 5-Aug
Leap 14 6-Aug  US and Japan enter into a postal convention.
Obon, maybe? Leap 15 7-Aug
Full Moon Leap 16 8-Aug
Leap 17 9-Aug
Leap 18 10-Aug
Leap 19 11-Aug
Leap 20 12-Aug
Leap 21 13-Aug
Last Quarter Leap 22 14-Aug
Great Heat Leap 23 15-Aug
Leap 24 16-Aug
Leap 25 17-Aug
Leap 26 18-Aug  1st ascent of Mount Whitney, California (14,494 feet).
Leap 27 19-Aug
Leap 28 20-Aug
Leap 29 21-Aug
New Moon Leap 30 22-Aug
1-Jul 23-Aug
2-Jul 24-Aug
3-Jul 25-Aug
4-Jul 26-Aug
5-Jul 27-Aug
6-Jul 28-Aug
7-Jul 29-Aug
First Quarter 8-Jul 30-Aug
9-Jul 31-Aug
10-Jul 1-Sep
11-Jul 2-Sep
12-Jul 3-Sep
13-Jul 4-Sep
14-Jul 5-Sep
Full Moon: Obon? 15-Jul 6-Sep  Regular cable car service is in effect on Clay Street in San Francisco.
16-Jul 7-Sep
17-Jul 8-Sep
18-Jul 9-Sep
19-Jul 10-Sep
20-Jul 11-Sep
21-Jul 12-Sep
Last Quarter 22-Jul 13-Sep  The Iwakura Mission returns to Japan.  It left several Japanese students abroad as well as the 3 girls in the USA.
23-Jul 14-Sep
24-Jul 15-Sep
25-Jul 16-Sep
26-Jul 17-Sep
27-Jul 18-Sep Lady Mitsuko, one of the Emperor’s concubines, died giving birth to a son who did not survive birth.
28-Jul 19-Sep
29-Jul 20-Sep  Panic sweeps NY Stock Exchange (railroad bond default/bank failure) NY shut banks for 10 days due to a bank scandal.
New Moon 30-Jul 21-Sep
Aug. 1 22-Sep
Aug. 2 23-Sep
Aug. 3 24-Sep
Aug. 4 25-Sep
Aug. 5 26-Sep
Aug. 6 27-Sep
Beginning of Fall Aug. 7 28-Sep
First Quarter Aug. 8 29-Sep
Aug. 9 30-Sep
Aug. 10 1-Oct
Aug. 11 2-Oct
Aug. 12 3-Oct  Emily Post, etiquette authority, born.
Aug. 13 4-Oct
Aug. 14 5-Oct
Full Moon Aug. 15 6-Oct
Aug. 16 7-Oct
Aug. 17 8-Oct
Aug. 18 9-Oct The Salinas Index publishes an account of Tiburcio Vasquez’s first crime of killing a constable (long ago) and says he has never been charged with a crime in spite of “witnesses”.
Aug. 19 10-Oct
Aug. 20 11-Oct
Aug. 21 12-Oct
Last Quarter Aug. 22 13-Oct
Local Heat Aug. 23 14-Oct
Aug. 24 15-Oct
Aug. 25 16-Oct
Aug. 26 17-Oct
Aug. 27 18-Oct
Aug. 28 19-Oct
Aug. 29 20-Oct  PT. Barnum’s Hippodrome in NY opens
New Moon Sept. 1 21-Oct
Sept. 2 22-Oct
Sept. 3 23-Oct
Sept. 4 24-Oct
Sept. 5 25-Oct
Sept. 6 26-Oct
Sept. 7 27-Oct  James Glidden patents barbed wire – a material that will revolutionize farming and ranching in the American West.  Previously, people fenced things to keep animals out of them.
First Quarter: White Dew Sept. 8 28-Oct
Sept. 9 29-Oct
Sept. 10 30-Oct  The “Virginius Affair” occurs.  A ship flying the American flag is taken by the Spanish while delivering arms and men to the Cuban insurrection.  The crew and “passengers” are executed.  The US and Spain nearly go to war.
Sept. 11 31-Oct
Sept. 12 1-Nov
Sept. 13 2-Nov
Sept. 14 3-Nov
Full Moon Sept. 15 4-Nov
Sept. 16 5-Nov
Sept. 17 6-Nov
Sept. 18 7-Nov
Sept. 19 8-Nov
Sept. 20 9-Nov
Sept. 21 10-Nov
Last Quarter Sept. 22 11-Nov
Mid-Autumn Sept. 23 12-Nov
Sept. 24 13-Nov
Sept. 25 14-Nov Lady Natsuko, one of the Emperor’s concubines, dies in childbirth of a daughter, who also dies.
Sept. 26 15-Nov
Sept. 27 16-Nov
Sept. 28 17-Nov
Sept. 29 18-Nov
New Moon Sept. 30 19-Nov  William Marcy “Boss” Tweed, of Tammany Hall (NYC) is convicted of defrauding the city of $6M, and sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment.
Oct. 1 20-Nov
Oct. 2 21-Nov
Oct. 3 22-Nov
Oct. 4 23-Nov
Oct. 5 24-Nov
Oct. 6 25-Nov
Oct. 7 26-Nov  Verdi’s opera Aida debuts in the US at the NYC Academy of Music
First Quarter: Cold Dew Oct. 8 27-Nov Thanksgiving
Oct. 9 28-Nov
Oct. 10 29-Nov
Oct. 11 30-Nov
Oct. 12 1-Dec
Oct. 13 2-Dec
Full Moon Oct. 14 3-Dec
Oct. 15 4-Dec
Oct. 16 5-Dec
Oct. 17 6-Dec
Oct. 18 7-Dec
Oct. 19 8-Dec
Oct. 20 9-Dec
Oct. 21 10-Dec
Last Quarter Oct. 22 11-Dec
Fall of Hoarfrost Oct. 23 12-Dec
Oct. 24 13-Dec
Oct. 25 14-Dec  Louis Agassiz, Swiss naturalist & geologist, dies.
Oct. 26 15-Dec
Oct. 27 16-Dec
Oct. 28 17-Dec
Oct. 29 18-Dec
New Moon Oct. 30 19-Dec
Nov. 1 20-Dec
Nov. 2 21-Dec
Nov. 3 22-Dec
Nov. 4 23-Dec
Nov. 5 24-Dec
Nov. 6 25-Dec  Christmas
First Quarter: Beginning of Winter Nov. 7 26-Dec
Nov. 8 27-Dec
Nov. 9 28-Dec
Nov. 10 29-Dec
Nov. 11 30-Dec
Nov. 12 31-Dec