Japanese vs. Gregorian Calendar

(Meiji 3, Year of the Horse?)

Moon Cycles Lunar Dates Gregorian Dates Events
New Moon Nov. 30 Jan. 1
Dec. 1 Jan. 2  January 1870:  The heads of 700 Catholic families are brought before the governor of Nagasaki and interrogated.  Subsequently 3,300 more Christians are exiled to 19 different domains.
Dec. 2 Jan. 3
Dec. 3 Jan. 4
Dec. 4 Jan. 5
Dec. 5 Jan. 6
Dec. 6 Jan. 7
Dec. 7 Jan. 8
First Quarter Dec. 8 Jan. 9
Dec. 9 Jan. 10
Dec. 10 Jan. 11  1870:  Post-amputation fatalities have dropped to 15% due to Lister’s antiseptic procedures.
Dec. 11 Jan. 12
Dec. 12 Jan. 13
Dec. 13 Jan. 14
Dec. 14 Jan. 15
Dec. 15 Jan. 16
Full Moon Dec. 16 Jan. 17
Dec. 17 Jan. 18
Dec. 18 Jan. 19
Dec. 19 Jan. 20
Dec. 20 Jan. 21
Dec. 21 Jan. 22
Dec. 22 Jan. 23
Last Quarter Dec. 23 Jan. 24
Dec. 24 Jan. 25 Hiram Rhoades Revels, a Republican from Natchez, is the first black man sworn into the US Senate.  Ironically, he is elected to fill the former seat of Jefferson Davis.
Dec. 25 Jan. 26
Dec. 26 Jan. 27
Dec. 27 Jan. 28
Dec. 28 Jan. 29
Dec. 29 Jan. 30
New Moon Jan. 1 Jan. 31 Chinese & Japanese New Year
Jan. 2 Feb. 1
Jan. 3 Feb. 2
Jan. 4 Feb. 3
Jan. 5 Feb. 4
Jan. 6 Feb. 5
Jan. 7 Feb. 6
Jan. 8 Feb. 7
First Quarter Jan. 9 Feb. 8
Jan. 10 Feb. 9
Jan. 11 Feb. 10
Jan. 12 Feb. 11
Jan. 13 Feb. 12
Jan. 14 Feb. 13
Jan. 15 Feb. 14
Full Moon Jan. 16 Feb. 15
Jan. 17 Feb. 16
Jan. 18 Feb. 17
Jan. 19 Feb. 18
Jan. 20 Feb. 19
Jan. 21 Feb. 20
Jan. 22 Feb. 21
Last Quarter Jan. 23 Feb. 22
Jan. 24 Feb. 23
Jan. 25 Feb. 24
Jan. 26 Feb. 25
Jan. 27 Feb. 26
Jan. 28 Feb. 27  Hirozawa of Choshu, a Councillor of state, is murdered in his bed by an assassin in Yedo.  The man was never found.
Jan. 29 Feb. 28
New Moon Jan. 30 1-Mar
Feb. 1 2-Mar
Feb. 2 3-Mar
Feb. 3 4-Mar
Feb. 4 5-Mar
Feb. 5 6-Mar
Feb. 6 7-Mar
Feb. 7 8-Mar
Feb. 8 9-Mar
First Quarter Feb. 9 10-Mar
Feb. 10 11-Mar
Feb. 11 12-Mar
Feb. 12 13-Mar
Feb. 13 14-Mar
Feb. 14 15-Mar
Feb. 15 16-Mar
Full Moon Feb. 16 17-Mar
Feb. 17 18-Mar
Feb. 18 19-Mar
Feb. 19 20-Mar
Feb. 20 21-Mar
Feb. 21 22-Mar
Last Quarter Feb. 22 23-Mar
Feb. 23 24-Mar
Feb. 24 25-Mar
Feb. 25 26-Mar
Feb. 26 27-Mar
Feb. 27 28-Mar
Feb. 28 29-Mar
Feb. 29 30-Mar  Lord Muncaster of England is kidnapped while visiting Marathon, Greece.  Dies in a fight between Greek troops and kidnappers, almost starting a war with England.
New Moon Feb. 30 31-Mar
1-Mar 1-Apr
2-Mar 2-Apr
3-Mar 3-Apr
4-Mar 4-Apr
5-Mar 5-Apr
6-Mar 6-Apr
7-Mar 7-Apr
First Quarter 8-Mar 8-Apr
9-Mar 9-Apr
10-Mar 10-Apr
11-Mar 11-Apr
12-Mar 12-Apr
13-Mar 13-Apr
14-Mar 14-Apr
Full Moon 15-Mar 15-Apr
16-Mar 16-Apr
17-Mar 17-Apr Easter
18-Mar 18-Apr
19-Mar 19-Apr
20-Mar 20-Apr
21-Mar 21-Apr
Last Quarter 22-Mar 22-Apr  The city of Rome becomes part of Italy, leaving only Vatican City under the direct control of the pope.
23-Mar 23-Apr
24-Mar 24-Apr
25-Mar 25-Apr
26-Mar 26-Apr
27-Mar 27-Apr
28-Mar 28-Apr
29-Mar 29-Apr
New Moon 30-Mar 30-Apr
1-Apr 1-May
2-Apr 2-May
3-Apr 3-May
4-Apr 4-May
5-Apr 5-May
6-Apr 6-May
7-Apr 7-May  Emperor Meiji appears in public for the first time.
First Quarter 8-Apr 8-May
9-Apr 9-May
10-Apr 10-May
11-Apr 11-May
12-Apr 12-May
13-Apr 13-May
14-Apr 14-May
Full Moon 15-Apr 15-May
16-Apr 16-May
17-Apr 17-May
18-Apr 18-May
19-Apr 19-May
20-Apr 20-May
21-Apr 21-May
Last Quarter 22-Apr 22-May
23-Apr 23-May
24-Apr 24-May
25-Apr 25-May
26-Apr 26-May
27-Apr 27-May
28-Apr 28-May
29-Apr 29-May
New Moon 1-May 30-May
2-May 31-May
3-May 1-Jun
4-May 2-Jun
5-May 3-Jun
6-May 4-Jun
7-May 5-Jun
First Quarter 8-May 6-Jun
9-May 7-Jun
10-May 8-Jun
11-May 9-Jun  Charles Dickens dies.
12-May 10-Jun
13-May 11-Jun
14-May 12-Jun
Full Moon 15-May 13-Jun
16-May 14-Jun
17-May 15-Jun
18-May 16-Jun
19-May 17-Jun
20-May 18-Jun
21-May 19-Jun
Last quarter 22-May 20-Jun
23-May 21-Jun
24-May 22-Jun
25-May 23-Jun
26-May 24-Jun
27-May 25-Jun
28-May 26-Jun
29-May 27-Jun
New Moon 30-May 28-Jun
1-Jun 29-Jun
2-Jun 30-Jun
3-Jun 1-Jul
4-Jun 2-Jul
5-Jun 3-Jul
6-Jun 4-Jul
First Quarter 7-Jun 5-Jul
8-Jun 6-Jul
9-Jun 7-Jul
10-Jun 8-Jul
11-Jun 9-Jul
12-Jun 10-Jul
13-Jun 11-Jul
Full Moon 14-Jun 12-Jul
15-Jun 13-Jul
16-Jun 14-Jul
17-Jun 15-Jul
18-Jun 16-Jul
19-Jun 17-Jul
20-Jun 18-Jul  The dogma of papal infallibility is defined (not invented!) and proclaimed.
21-Jun 19-Jul
Last Quarter 22-Jun 20-Jul
23-Jun 21-Jul
24-Jun 22-Jul
25-Jun 23-Jul
26-Jun 24-Jul
27-Jun 25-Jul
28-Jun 26-Jul
29-Jun 27-Jul  Summer 1870:  Buffalo Bill Cody is seen by eyewitnesses to kill 16 buffalo in 16 shots from the back of a skittish horse, astonishing even the Indian scouts.
New Moon 1-Jul 28-Jul
2-Jul 29-Jul
3-Jul 30-Jul
4-Jul 31-Jul
5-Jul 1-Aug
6-Jul 2-Aug  The Jesuits begin building a college at St. Mary’s, Kansas.  It will later be the setting of Father Francis Finn’s “Tom Playfair” series.
7-Jul 3-Aug
First Quarter 8-Jul 4-Aug
9-Jul 5-Aug
10-Jul 6-Aug
11-Jul 7-Aug
12-Jul 8-Aug
13-Jul 9-Aug
14-Jul 10-Aug
Full Moon 15-Jul 11-Aug
16-Jul 12-Aug
17-Jul 13-Aug
18-Jul 14-Aug
19-Jul 15-Aug
20-Jul 16-Aug
21-Jul 17-Aug
22-Jul 18-Aug
Last Quarter 23-Jul 19-Aug
24-Jul 20-Aug
25-Jul 21-Aug
26-Jul 22-Aug
27-Jul 23-Aug
28-Jul 24-Aug
29-Jul 25-Aug
New Moon 30-Jul 26-Aug
1-Aug 27-Aug
2-Aug 28-Aug
3-Aug 29-Aug
4-Aug 30-Aug
5-Aug 31-Aug
6-Aug 1-Sep
First Quarter 7-Aug 2-Sep
8-Aug 3-Sep
9-Aug 4-Sep
10-Aug 5-Sep
11-Aug 6-Sep
12-Aug 7-Sep
13-Aug 8-Sep
Full Moon 14-Aug 9-Sep
15-Aug 10-Sep
16-Aug 11-Sep
17-Aug 12-Sep
18-Aug 13-Sep
19-Aug 14-Sep
20-Aug 15-Sep
21-Aug 16-Sep
Last Quarter 22-Aug 17-Sep
23-Aug 18-Sep
24-Aug 19-Sep
25-Aug 20-Sep
26-Aug 21-Sep
27-Aug 22-Sep
28-Aug 23-Sep
29-Aug 24-Sep
New Moon Sept. 1 25-Sep
Sept. 2 26-Sep
Sept. 3 27-Sep
Sept. 4 28-Sep
Sept. 5 29-Sep
Sept. 6 30-Sep
First Quarter Sept. 7 1-Oct
Sept. 8 2-Oct
Sept. 9 3-Oct
Sept. 10 4-Oct
Sept. 11 5-Oct
Sept. 12 6-Oct
Sept. 13 7-Oct
Sept. 14 8-Oct
Full Moon Sept. 15 9-Oct
Sept. 16 10-Oct
Sept. 17 11-Oct
Sept. 18 12-Oct  Robert E. Lee, former Confederate general, dies peacefully at his home.
Sept. 19 13-Oct
Sept. 20 14-Oct  The First Vatican Council ends.
Sept. 21 15-Oct
Sept. 22 16-Oct
Last Quarter Sept. 23 17-Oct
Sept. 24 18-Oct
Sept. 25 19-Oct
Sept. 26 20-Oct
Sept. 27 21-Oct
Sept. 28 22-Oct
Sept. 29 23-Oct
New Moon Oct. 1 24-Oct
Oct. 2 25-Oct
Oct. 3 26-Oct
Oct. 4 27-Oct
Oct. 5 28-Oct
Oct. 6 29-Oct
Oct. 7 30-Oct
First Quarter Oct. 8 31-Oct
Oct. 9 1-Nov
Oct. 10 2-Nov
Oct. 11 3-Nov
Oct. 12 4-Nov
Oct. 13 5-Nov
Oct. 14 6-Nov
Oct. 15 7-Nov
Full Moon Oct. 16 8-Nov
Oct. 17 9-Nov
Oct. 18 10-Nov
Oct. 19 11-Nov
Oct. 20 12-Nov
Oct. 21 13-Nov
Oct. 22 14-Nov
Oct. 23 15-Nov
Last Quarter Oct. 24 16-Nov
Oct. 25 17-Nov
Oct. 26 18-Nov
Oct. 27 19-Nov
Oct. 28 20-Nov
Oct. 29 21-Nov
New Moon Oct. 30 22-Nov
Leap 1 23-Nov
Leap 2 24-Nov  Thanksgiving
Leap 3 25-Nov
Leap 4 26-Nov
Leap 5 27-Nov
Leap 6 28-Nov
First Quarter Leap 7 29-Nov
Leap 8 30-Nov
Leap 9 1-Dec
Leap 10 2-Dec
Leap 11 3-Dec
Leap 12 4-Dec
Leap 13 5-Dec
Leap 14 6-Dec
Full Moon Leap 15 7-Dec
Leap 16 8-Dec
Leap 17 9-Dec
Leap 18 10-Dec
Leap 19 11-Dec
Leap 20 12-Dec
Leap 21 13-Dec
Leap 22 14-Dec
Last Quarter Leap 23 15-Dec
Leap 24 16-Dec
Leap 25 17-Dec
Leap 26 18-Dec
Leap 27 19-Dec
Leap 28 20-Dec
Leap 29 21-Dec
New Moon Nov. 1 22-Dec
Nov. 2 23-Dec
Nov. 3 24-Dec
Nov. 4 25-Dec  Christmas
Nov. 5 26-Dec
Nov. 6 27-Dec
Nov. 7 28-Dec
First Quarter Nov. 8 29-Dec
Nov. 9 30-Dec
Nov. 10 31-Dec