Japanese vs. Gregorian Calendar

(Keio 4, Year of the Dragon; Later Meiji 1)

Moon Cycles Lunar Dates Gregorian Dates Events
Dec. 7 Jan. 1  Hyogo, a port near Osaka, is opened to foreign trade after much delay and debate.
First Quarter Dec. 8 Jan. 2
Dec. 9 Jan. 3 Restoration of Imperial Government announced.
12th month, 10th day Jan. 4 Restoration of Imperial Power
Dec. 11 Jan. 5
Dec. 12 Jan. 6
Dec. 13 Jan. 7
Dec. 14 Jan. 8
Full Moon Dec. 15 Jan. 9
Dec. 16 Jan. 10
Dec. 17 Jan. 11
Dec. 18 Jan. 12
Dec. 19 Jan. 13
Dec. 20 Jan. 14
Dec. 21 Jan. 15
Last Quarter Dec. 22 Jan. 16
Dec. 23 Jan. 17
Dec. 24 Jan. 18
Dec. 25 Jan. 19
Dec. 26 Jan. 20
Dec. 27 Jan. 21
Dec. 28 Jan. 22
Dec. 29 Jan. 23
New Moon Dec. 30 Jan. 24
Jan. 1 Jan. 25 Chinese & Japanese New Year
Jan. 2 Jan. 26
Jan. 3 Jan. 27 Battle of Toba-Fushimi, just outside of Kyoto.  The Shogunate forces outnumbered those of Satsuma and Choshu, but the latter were equipped with modern weapons, including Minie rifles and Gatling guns.
Jan. 4 Jan. 28  On the second day of the battle, an imperial penant bearing the chrysanthemum crest was sent to the Satsuma and Choshu troops, making them an imperial army.  The Shogunate forces lost heart, knowing they would be considered rebels.
Jan. 5 Jan. 29
Jan. 6 Jan. 30
Jan. 7 Jan. 31
First Quarter Jan. 8 Feb. 1
Jan. 9 Feb. 2
Jan. 10 Feb. 3
Jan. 11 Feb. 4  “Uncle Sam” makes his first appearance as a cartoon drawn by Thomas Nast in Harper’s Weekly.
Jan. 12 Feb. 5
Jan. 13 Feb. 6
Jan. 14 Feb. 7  The Shogun, having withdrawn to Osaka Castle, flees in the night with a small group of retainers and loyal daimyo.  They take a ship to Yedo.  The imperial army is then ordered against Yedo.
Full Moon Jan. 15 Feb. 8
Jan. 16 Feb. 9
Jan. 17 Feb. 10
Jan. 18 Feb. 11
Jan. 19 Feb. 12
Jan. 20 Feb. 13
Jan. 21 Feb. 14
Last Quarter Jan. 22 Feb. 15
Jan. 23 Feb. 16
Jan. 24 Feb. 17
Jan. 25 Feb. 18
Jan. 26 Feb. 19
Jan. 27 Feb. 20
Jan. 28 Feb. 21
Jan. 29 Feb. 22
New Moon Feb. 1 Feb. 23
Feb. 2 Feb. 24  Congress votes to impeach President Andrew Johnson.
Feb. 3 Feb. 25
Feb. 4 Feb. 26
Feb. 5 Feb. 27
Feb. 6 Feb. 28
First Quarter Feb. 7 1-Mar  Osaka Castle is taken by imperial forces.  The remains of the Shogunate army, which had withdrawn to Yedo, leave the city to fight elsewhere.
Feb. 8 2-Mar
Feb. 9 3-Mar
Feb. 10 4-Mar
Feb. 11 5-Mar
Feb. 12 6-Mar
Feb. 13 7-Mar
Full Moon Feb. 14 8-Mar  Eleven French sailors from the corvette Dupleix are killed by Tosa samurai while on shore leave.
Feb. 15 9-Mar
Feb. 16 10-Mar
Feb. 17 11-Mar
Feb. 18 12-Mar
Feb. 19 13-Mar
Feb. 20 14-Mar
Last Quarter Feb. 21 15-Mar
Feb. 22 16-Mar
Feb. 23 17-Mar
Feb. 24 18-Mar
Feb. 25 19-Mar
Feb. 26 20-Mar
Feb. 27 21-Mar
Feb. 28 22-Mar
Feb. 29 23-Mar  Sir Harry Parkes and his party are attacked by samurai on the first official foreign diplomatic visit to Kyoto.  Ernest Satow’s Japanese bodyguard kills one of the attackers.
New Moon Feb. 30 24-Mar
Mar. 1 25-Mar
Mar. 2 26-Mar
Hina Matsuri Mar. 3 27-Mar
Mar. 4 28-Mar
Mar. 5 29-Mar
Mar. 6 30-Mar
First Quarter Mar. 7 31-Mar
Mar. 8 1-Apr
Mar. 9 2-Apr
Mar. 10 3-Apr
Mar. 11 4-Apr
Mar. 12 5-Apr
Mar. 13 6-Apr Edicts prohibiting Christianity as an “evil sect” are renewed in Japan over the protests of the foreign ministers.
Full Moon Mar. 14 7-Apr  Posters offering rewards for information about “subversive” Christians are posted near Yokohama.
Mar. 15 8-Apr
Mar. 16 9-Apr
Mar. 17 10-Apr
Mar. 18 11-Apr  Yedo surrenders peacefully to the approaching Imperial forces.  The terms are negotiated by Katsu Kaishu, who had known Saigo Takamori previously.
Mar. 19 12-Apr Easter
Mar. 20 13-Apr
Last Quarter Mar. 21 14-Apr
Mar. 22 15-Apr
Mar. 23 16-Apr
Mar. 24 17-Apr
Mar. 25 18-Apr
Mar. 26 19-Apr
Mar. 27 20-Apr
Mar. 28 21-Apr
New Moon Mar. 29 22-Apr  Katsura Kogoro, one of the leaders of the Choshu faction, goes to Nagasaki and browbeats the Christian leaders.  He is in favor of having the family leaders beheaded and the families exiled from their villages.
Mar. 30 23-Apr
Apr. 1 24-Apr
Apr. 2 25-Apr Imperial Troops enter Yedo peacefully.
Apr. 3 26-Apr
Apr. 4 27-Apr
Apr. 5 28-Apr
First Quarter Apr. 6 29-Apr
Apr. 7 30-Apr
Apr. 8 1-May
Apr. 9 2-May
Apr. 10 3-May
Apr. 11 4-May
Apr. 12 5-May
Full Moon Apr. 13 6-May
Apr. 14 7-May
Apr. 15 8-May
Apr. 16 9-May
Apr. 17 10-May
Apr. 18 11-May
Apr. 19 12-May
Apr. 20 13-May
Last Quarter Apr. 21 14-May
Apr. 22 15-May  Congress fails to impeach President Johnson – by a margin of one vote.
Apr. 23 16-May  The Thames Embankment is completed in London, allowing the opening of a brand new (and actually functioning) sewer system.
Apr. 24 17-May
Apr. 25 18-May
Apr. 26 19-May
Apr. 27 20-May
Apr. 28 21-May
New Moon Apr. 29 22-May  General John A. Logan proclaims the first Memorial Day, also known as Decoration Day.
Leap 1 23-May
Leap 2 24-May
Leap 3 25-May
Leap 4 26-May
Leap 5 27-May
First Quarter Leap 6 28-May
Leap 7 29-May
Leap 8 30-May  Decree is issued ordering the deportation of 4,100 Catholics to 33 western han (Choshu, Satsuma, Kaga, Echizen among others).  They were to be put to work clearing land, working in mines and lime pits, and other disagreeable jobs.  During this time they were to receive only one daily ration.  The people were kept from social intercourse and made to live in forests, like the Eta.  The daimyo were to send agents to Nagasaki to pick up their groups of laborers.  Only 120 people were deported in this first round.
Leap 9 31-May
Leap 10 1-Jun
Leap 11 2-Jun
Leap 12 3-Jun
Leap 13 4-Jun
Full Moon Leap 14 5-Jun
Leap 15 6-Jun
Leap 16 7-Jun
Leap 17 8-Jun  Christopher Latham Sholes patents a device he calls a “type-writer.”
Leap 18 9-Jun
Leap 19 10-Jun
Leap 20 11-Jun
Leap 21 12-Jun
Last Quarter Leap 22 13-Jun
Leap 23 14-Jun
Leap 24 15-Jun
Leap 25 16-Jun
Leap 26 17-Jun
Leap 27 18-Jun
Leap 28 19-Jun
New Moon 1-May 20-Jun
2-May 21-Jun
3-May 22-Jun
4-May 23-Jun  Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Louisiana, and Alabama are re-admitted to the Union.
Tango no Sekku (Carp Kites) 5-May 24-Jun
6-May 25-Jun
7-May 26-Jun
First Quarter 8-May 27-Jun
9-May 28-Jun
10-May 29-Jun
11-May 30-Jun
12-May 1-Jul
13-May 2-Jul
14-May 3-Jul
Full Moon 15th of 5th Month 4-Jul Battle of Ueno (a suburb of Yedo).  While the city was occupied by Imperial troops, and the Shogun had departed for his ancestral domain of Mito, a group of diehards had established themselves in a temple and resolved to fight to the last.  The cannon could be heard all over the city.  General fright; many made plans to abandon the city; but no looting was carried out.
16-May 5-Jul
17-May 6-Jul
18-May 7-Jul
19-May 8-Jul
20-May 9-Jul
21-May 10-Jul
22-May 11-Jul
Last Quarter 23-May 12-Jul
24-May 13-Jul
25-May 14-Jul
26-May 15-Jul
27-May 16-Jul
28-May 17-Jul
29-May 18-Jul
New Moon 30-May 19-Jul
1-Jun 20-Jul
2-Jun 21-Jul
3-Jun 22-Jul
4-Jun 23-Jul
5-Jun 24-Jul
6-Jun 25-Jul
First Quarter 7-Jun 26-Jul
8-Jun 27-Jul
9-Jun 28-Jul
10-Jun 29-Jul
11-Jun 30-Jul
12-Jun 31-Jul
13-Jun 1-Aug
14-Jun 2-Aug
Full Moon 15-Jun 3-Aug
16-Jun 4-Aug
17-Jun 5-Aug
18-Jun 6-Aug
19-Jun 7-Aug  Promulgation of the Charter Oath, the beginning of somewhat modern government in Japan.
20-Jun 8-Aug
21-Jun 9-Aug
22-Jun 10-Aug
Last Quarter 23-Jun 11-Aug
24-Jun 12-Aug
25-Jun 13-Aug
26-Jun 14-Aug
27-Jun 15-Aug
28-Jun 16-Aug
29-Jun 17-Aug
New Moon 1-Jul 18-Aug
2-Jul 19-Aug
3-Jul 20-Aug
4-Jul 21-Aug
5-Jul 22-Aug
6-Jul 23-Aug
First Quarter: Tanabata 7-Jul 24-Aug
8-Jul 25-Aug
9-Jul 26-Aug
10-Jul 27-Aug
11-Jul 28-Aug
12-Jul 29-Aug
13-Jul 30-Aug
14-Jul 31-Aug
Full Moon 15-Jul 1-Sep
Jul. 16 2-Sep
17th of 7th month 3-Sep Yedo renamed Tokyo
Jul. 18 4-Sep
Jul. 19 5-Sep
Jul. 20 6-Sep
Jul. 21 7-Sep
Jul. 22 8-Sep
Last Quarter Jul. 23 9-Sep
Jul. 24 10-Sep
Jul. 25 11-Sep
Jul. 26 12-Sep
Jul. 27 13-Sep
Jul. 28 14-Sep
Jul. 29 15-Sep
New Moon Aug. 1 16-Sep
Aug. 2 17-Sep
Aug. 3 18-Sep
Aug. 4 19-Sep
Aug. 5 20-Sep
Aug. 6 21-Sep
Aug. 7 22-Sep
First Quarter Aug. 8 23-Sep
Aug. 9 24-Sep
Aug. 10 25-Sep
Aug. 11 26-Sep
Aug. 12 27-Sep
Aug. 13 28-Sep  Louisa May Alcott publishes the first volume of “Little Women.”
Aug. 14 29-Sep
Aug. 15 30-Sep
Full Moon Aug. 16 1-Oct
Aug. 17 2-Oct
Aug. 18 3-Oct
Aug. 19 4-Oct
Aug. 20 5-Oct
Aug. 21 6-Oct  Battle of Bonari Pass, at the strategic limits of Aizu domain.  The combined retreating Shogunate, Shinsengumi, and Denshutai troops withdraw toward Wakamatsu Castle.
Aug. 22 7-Oct
Aug. 23 8-Oct
Last Quarter Aug. 24 9-Oct
Aug. 25 10-Oct
Aug. 26 11-Oct
27th of 8th month 12-Oct Emperor Meiji formally crowned in Kyoto.
Aug. 28 13-Oct
Aug. 29 14-Oct
New Moon Aug. 30 15-Oct
Sept. 1 16-Oct
Sept. 2 17-Oct
Sept. 3 18-Oct
Sept. 4 19-Oct
Sept. 5 20-Oct
Sept. 6 21-Oct
Sept. 7 22-Oct
First Quarter Sept. 8 23-Oct Name changed from Keio to Meiji, official amnesty
9th of 9th month Sept. 9 24-Oct
Sept. 10 25-Oct
Sept. 11 26-Oct
Sept. 12 27-Oct
Sept. 13 28-Oct
Sept. 14 29-Oct
Sept. 15 30-Oct
Full Moon Sept. 16 31-Oct
Sept. 17 1-Nov
Sept. 18 2-Nov
Sept. 19 3-Nov
Sept. 20 4-Nov
Sept. 21 5-Nov
Sept. 22 6-Nov
Last Quarter Sept. 23 7-Nov
Sept. 24 8-Nov
Sept. 25 9-Nov
Sept. 26 10-Nov
Sept. 27 11-Nov
Sept. 28 12-Nov
Sept. 29 13-Nov
New Moon Oct. 1 14-Nov
Oct. 2 15-Nov
Oct. 3 16-Nov
Oct. 4 17-Nov
Oct. 5 18-Nov
Oct. 6 19-Nov
Oct. 7 20-Nov
Oct. 8 21-Nov
First Quarter Oct. 9 22-Nov
Oct. 10 23-Nov
Oct. 11 24-Nov
Oct. 12 25-Nov  Emperor Meiji enters Yedo – Tokyo – for the first time.
Oct. 13 26-Nov Thanksgiving
Oct. 14 27-Nov
Oct. 15 28-Nov
Full Moon Oct. 16 29-Nov
Oct. 17 30-Nov
Oct. 18 1-Dec
Oct. 19 2-Dec
Oct. 20 3-Dec A telegraph line is completed from Tokyo to Yokohama.
10th month, 21st day 4-Dec Battle of Hakodate begins
Oct. 22 5-Dec
Last Quarter Oct. 23 6-Dec Emperor moves to Tokyo.
Oct. 24 7-Dec
Oct. 25 8-Dec
Oct. 26 9-Dec
Oct. 27 10-Dec
Oct. 28 11-Dec
Oct. 29 12-Dec
New Moon Oct. 30 13-Dec
Nov. 1 14-Dec
Nov. 2 15-Dec
Nov. 3 16-Dec
Nov. 4 17-Dec
Nov. 5 18-Dec
Nov. 6 19-Dec
Nov. 7 20-Dec
First Quarter Nov. 8 21-Dec
Nov. 9 22-Dec
Nov. 10 23-Dec
Nov. 11 24-Dec
Nov. 12 25-Dec
Nov. 13 26-Dec
Nov. 14 27-Dec
Nov. 15 28-Dec
Full Moon Nov. 16 29-Dec
Nov. 17 30-Dec
Nov. 18 31-Dec