History is more than dates. More than facts and figures. More than newspaper clippings and old books.

People moved and breathed, ate and slept, believed and loved, just as we do.

History lived.


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There, how’s that for an online answering machine?

At the moment, the only book that is halfway close to being finished is Mitsunari, a historical fiction samurai tale that will hopefully be a bit out of the ordinary.  Nope, the titular character is not a fabulous swordsman.  Nope, he is neither unfailingly noble nor an outright villain.  Nope, he doesn’t support the new Imperial uprising against the Shogunate.  Nor is he neutral.  In fact, he’s got a bit of artistic talent, a penchant for imitation, and something of a dread of being conscripted.

At the moment, I am slowly wrapping up the research phase, while scribbling down small scenes in notebooks to flesh out the increasingly well-developed plot.  About 10 library books from now, I will be able to sit down and write straight.  I hope.